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As a physical education teacher working in an elementary school I am always searching for new and fun activities for my students.  I was approached to introduce lacrosse to my students. I agreed with enthusiastic caution, knowing 90% of my students have no previous lacrosse experience.  I am very happy to express my joy of seeing my students take to the game like veterans. The modules which accompany the equipment are clear and easy to implement. Lacrosse is so successful that a number of students signed up to play lacrosse at lunch.

Pat Vespa
Physical Education Teacher
Dalkeith Elementary


We have been using the Lacrosse FITS program for the past two years. The program is easy to follow, ready to use and a wonderful tool for anyone with or without a background in lacrosse. Our students have enjoyed the opportunity to learn a new sport in a fun and engaging manner. We are grateful for the support of our local associations, Lacrosse New Brunswick and Fundy Lacrosse, for providing us with the equipment and tools needed to deliver a quality program within our school.

Graham Long

Physical Education Teacher

Quispamsis Middle School


Lacrosse FITS was introduced to my students a year ago.  Through this introductory program, they learned the importance of good hand-eye coordination and enjoyed the challenge of trying to catch the ball in the pocket.  Since lacrosse was new to them, they were fully engaged in the sport, which was enjoyed by all students.  As a result of this program, interest in this sport has grown with some students joining Lacrosse New Brunswick.  Myself and the students would like to thank the people involved for their personal time in giving instructions and for providing the equipment.

Lynda Wilson
Physical Education Teacher
Saint John the Baptist- King Edward


Having the soft basket sticks and indoor rubber balls certainly made the game easier for the students in trapping, scooping  and also in catching and passing the ball. The soft baskets also prevented injuries to hands, arms and heads. The manuals were also a great help with planning lessons. I feel they will be great for coaches developing an after school program or league. I was able to pull some great starter games and drills from them. Students at my school are very well informed about the game, how to play it, rules and how much FUN it is to play. 

Debbie Shortall
Physical Education
Vanier Elementary