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Promotional Resources


At the Canadian Lacrosse Association, we strive to promote lacrosse to communities across Canada. There is no way we could do this without the help and support of thousands of volunteers, coaches, and associations working at the grassroots level.

We encourage you to continue to spread the word about lacrosse and our new Lacrosse FITS program to children, parents, coaches, and teachers in your region. The more people that get involved in our game, the more opportunities there will be to compete at a higher level and push the envelope of what is possible in lacrosse.

This page offers an assortment of promotional resources you can use. Please feel free to download and distribute these items in your local school, community centre, or recreation department.

Lacrosse FITS Brochure 

“Grow as an Athlete” Poster

The Canadian Lacrosse Association values the input and suggestions of coaches, volunteers, and association members across Canada. Should you have any questions or comments about the Lacrosse FITS program, please visit our FAQ page or click here to contact us.