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Associations - Overview


Without the grassroots efforts of community and provincial associations, lacrosse would not be the burgeoning sport it is today.

It is for you that the Canadian Lacrosse Association has created the Lacrosse FITS program – a comprehensive training strategy designed to promote lacrosse across the country. We know the Lacrosse FITS program can serve as a fantastic resource for new training methods and drills for athletes of all skill levels. Also, the easy-to-use modules can effectively aid any new coach or volunteer with limited knowledge of the game.

To better serve our front-line coaches, associations, and volunteers, this section offers the following information.

  • FITS for Lacrosse Associations: An overview of the Lacrosse FITS program, its purpose, and what it offers associations across Canada.
  • Promotional Resources: This section provides a variety of promotional resources you can use to promote lacrosse and the Lacrosse FITS program in your community. All items may be downloaded or ordered from the Canadian Lacrosse Association.
  • Association Contacts: A list of contact information for associations across the country.

We truly value the input of lacrosse associations, coaches, and volunteers across Canada. Should you have any suggestions or questions about the Lacrosse FITS program, please visit our FAQ page or click here to contact us.